65 boulevard Côte Blatin

Access: 5€

Thursday, March 15 | From 9.30 PM


9.30 | SPARKLES (Power Rock/Stoner) W/ Romain Ciaglia-Coissard (Video Jockey)

Supple yet powerful voices intertwined with skillful and heroic melodies inspired by the likes of Muse and QOTSA, Four-man band Sparkles delivers a tumultuous stoner rock atmosphere magnified by Romain Ciaglia-Coissard's video presentation.

© neko63 photography & Sparkles

11 PM | PHARMACOPOLIS (Cabaret Rock) W/ Romain Ciaglia-Coissard (Video Jockey)

The members of cabaret-rock band Pharmacopolis have created a unique steampunk universe telling the story of the fictitious city of Pharmacopolis. Romain Ciaglia-Coissard combines their music with old images of black and white movies to exacerbate the steampunk atmosphere of the band.

12.30 AM | TEREBENTHINE (Prog Rock) W/ Romain Ciaglia-Coissard (Video Jockey)

Merging together Ennio Morricone musical atmosphere, King Crimson's precision and Nirvana's grunge gave birth to Terebenthine's explosive rock. Romain Ciaglia-Coissard, inspired by the space themed sound of their last album, accompanies them with videos of cosmonauts traveling on an empty planet.