65 boulevard Côte Blatin

Access: 5€

Friday, March 16 | From 9.30 PM

9.30 PM | BAKE-BAKE ! (Mythological Primitive Music) W/ Raphaël Maze (Screenings)

Baké Baké! members are magneto and rhythm box user Laurent Dolcino and saxophone player François Arbon. Their musical style takes inspiration from free-jazz, industrial music, electro-acoustics and ethnic music.

11 PM | BEN MILLER (Multiphonic guitar/vocal) W/ Raphaël Maze (Screenings)

Ben Miller can be defined as a multiphonic guitarist and vocalist. His sound avoids melodies and chords altogether to form an intense and dark atmosphere. As of now, inspired by Brian Eno, Miller focuses on noise and writing to create what he calls a crypto-hypnotic experience.

12.30 AM | LA MAIN (French Synth Wave) W/ Thomas David & Johann Guyonnet (Videos)

La Main sings in French language dark love stories in which urges are rarely left unquenched. The show is illuminated by exclusive videos mixed in live, creating a dense and unique space where the synth-wave songs of the artist can almost touch our soul.