65 boulevard Côte Blatin

Access: 5€

Saturday, March 17 | From 9.30 PM

21h30 | BRAVO TOUNKY (Synth & Clarinet) W/ Raphaël Maze (Screenings)

Bravo Tounky, one man creating a contemplative and experimental music by playing clarinet and synth.
For the occasion, screenings by Raphael Maze will accompany the musician.

23h | ILS TOMBENT TOUS Animation movie by Joann Guyonnet

Rémi Faraut will play the soundtrack of this short film in live publicly for the first time.

23h30 | BUNKER BACTERIE Screening & sound improvisation

Project Bunker Bacterie gathers screenings by Raphael Maze and the sound improvisation of the band Kefka.

During the show, the images, in their matters, will dissolve into a liquid music which, on the contrary, creates distortions.

00h30 | KAFKA Cinema screening with live music about La chute de la maison Usher by Jean Epstein.

This movie by Jean Eptein is an adaptation of an eponymous short story written by Edgar Poe.

The artistic intent of Kafka was to communicate on an emotional level – through the writing of the soundtrack – the strange and nerve-racking atmosphere emanating from the movie in every moment, in every image.

1h30 | AVVENTUR (Medieval midi footwork) W/ Raphaël Maze (screenings)

Avventur is the “electro” project of Regis Turner, accompanied by screenings by Raphael Maze for the occasion.