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The Storm

This video installation is the representation of the hidden chaotic figures hidden behind/inside a flux of moving images of a storm. Inside the shapes of all digital images reside memories of something else: remains, traces of an inner and hidden world. The digital memory. Flashes and lightning reveal fragments of a series of duplicate bodies that roam in the void, perhaps dispersed, probably in flight. The digital memory is a flow of identical bodies that move constantly, partially revealed by light flashes. The surface energy hides the matrix of all possible images: the body.

The mood of the video installation also wants to recall the audience of a sort of reference to the iconographic tradition of the nightmare, a psychic situation where hidden memories come to life in a flashing way. Inner data, black data. The “stream of consciousness” of the digital machine creates archetypical shapes, related to ancient iconographies, like the flow of damned souls in Gustave Doré’s illustrations. The result is the apparition of a surrealistic world, where the digital machine meets the unconscious, or the shadow of itself.

At the same time, the naked body inside the flow of flashing lights recalls the presence of something alive, creative, connected with the energy of the lightning of the surface of the moving images. So the “inner body” made of memories of the digital moving images emerges towards the viewers’ eyes like a magma of uncontrollable bright energy.


Video: Alessandro Amaducci
Presence: Catena
Coproduction: Alessandro Amaducci / VIDEOFORMES
3 screens, 1 monitor

Alessandro Amaducci

Born in Turin (Italy) in 1967. He worked with the Archimedes Centre of Visual Arts (a cultural centre of a District in Turin) since 1988, were he held workshops on video. Since 1991 he worked with the National Film Archives of Resistence (Turin), where he realized documentaries about the Second World War, the Resistance, about workers struggle and other subjects relevant to the activity of the Archive. Since 1995 he worked with Theater Juvarra in Turin in the realization of multimedia shows and videoperformances. He also works as a teacher of video language and practice in DAMS (Department of Art, Music and Performing arts), a Department of the University of Turin, Italy. He wrote several books about videoart; video technics and aesthetics of electronic arts. Since 1989 he realizes experimental videos, documentaries, music videos, videoinstallations, multimedia shows, videoscenographies for dance performances, and digital photos. He is also the author of the music of his videos.