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This year, living up to its reputation and to its mission consisting in discovering new talents, VIDEOFORMES will present an out-of-the-ordinary/unclassifiable video selection – with movies made by heterogeneous artists from all over the world – in a newly created section : Le Cabinet de Curiosités.

Water, earth, air / Parya Vatankhah / Iran/France / 2017 / 5'50
This video based on my performance immersed in muddy water. What prompted me make this performance was the suffering of migrants who, forced to leave their countries and their roots, are confronted with political and natural boundaries.

Ambulation/Déambulation / Stephane Trois Carrés & Jacques Emmanuel Rousselon / France / 2017 / 35'
Moscow peoples, plants and insects are mixed in a contemplative movie supported by a complex, diverse and shimmering musical composition, comparable to a travel diary of the entomologist, the aerologist.

The Lost City of Glutenguld / Jérome Lefdup / France / 2017 / 5'25
Formerly built on the borders of the Multiverse by the Glutes, the mysterious city of Glutenguld still seems alive, although uninhabited... Though, if one looks carefully, it is perhaps not so uninhabited...

The Mystery in the Bird´s Dream / Alejandro Garcia / Colombia / 2017 / 26'19
An egg comes out of the darkness where a landscape is created. There lives a woman who imitates the song of birds that waits to be reciprocated. The landscape transforms itself to every insinuation of the woman. The human is merged in the natural.

Season 1, Episode 0, The Telepathic Motion Picture of THE LOST TRIBES / David Blair / France/USA / 2017 / 26'
Episode Zero of a 26 year, 26 Episode per year Television Series, in which every episode is 26 minutes long, every minute is 26 seconds long, and everything takes place all at once.

Glacies / Pierre Villemin / France / 2017 / 8'
As old paintings, landscapes are reflected in frozen ponds.

The forest in flames / Natalia Behaine / Colombia / 2017 / 11'35
"...This need to give meaning to the present, if not to the past, is the rescue of the superabundance of events that corresponds to a situation that we could call "overmodernity" to account for its essential modality: excess.”
Marc Augé

Heat / Nicolas Bermeo / USA / 2017 / 10'19
As Eleanor lays in her hospital bed, she tries to recount a love story she has never told.

Black Sites / Mathilde Lefort / France / 2017 / 6'45
Resulting from a lengthy investigation, Black Sites approaches secret centers of detention and torture for political opponents of the current Syrian regime.

L'esprit de la rivière / Hantu (Weber+Delsaux) / France / 2016 / 17'26
Lying on a "medication", a Syrian felt carpet, worn by the drum of Michael Harner (Foundat° for shamanic studies), the body coated with clay, P.W. draws graphic signs on her skin to summon the Spirit of the river .