École d’Enseignement Supérieur d’Art de Bordeaux

March 16 > 31 | VIDEO EXHIBITION
GALERIE DOLET / CROUS • 25 rue Etienne Dolet
Opening: from monday to friday 8 AM > 4 PM
Preview: thursday, March 15 at 6 PM

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Les hommes de terre, 2016, fictional film, 16/9 HD, 10’15

"Les hommes de terre", originates from a series of texts by Laure Subreville about a nature, a space meant to be populated, possessing a permanent connection with the individuals inhabiting it. Afterward, the movie was what enabled her to display and highlight several topics such as silence, ritual and disappearance in the world. Through the concept of burying - which can be defined as a call of Earth -, this character wearing a camouflage waterproof coat stretchs his body little by little, becoming a plant among the plant reign. Earth represents a blank, vacant space.This is this space which allows the man to think and think about himself. By digging, this character is searching for the wild, primitive, Palaeozoic, original man.

Currently a post-master's student at the EESA of Bordeaux, Laure Subrevile has completed a 5 year course and obtained her DNSEP last June.

The establishment contributes to the development of contemporary art in Bordeaux and in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine's territory. The school also expands its numerous connections through partnerships with various institutions and associations.