École Supérieure d’Art de Lorraine

March 16 > 31 | VIDEO EXHIBITION
GALERIE DOLET / CROUS • 25 rue Etienne Dolet
Opening: from monday to friday 8 AM > 4 PM
Preview: thursday, March 15 at 6 PM

Free access

The first year video workshop of the ESAL METZ serves as an introduction to digital creation tools and to experimental video language. The students have to produce a one minute video at most using images filmed with their cam recorders, cameras and smartphones.

Afterward, the students watch and comment in a group on the images taken before editing them. Each student makes his own video while having the obligation to use a personal emotional approach.

Intrusion, 2017, 16/9 HD, 0’53 - Charline Bouvier
OHM, 2017, 16/9 (1280x720), 0’39 - Perrine Da Campo
Silence, 2017, 16/9 HD, 1’ - Elio Ducroquet

L’École supérieure d’art de Lorraine, ÉSAL, a public cultural cooperation school, is the result of the merging between l’École de l’Image d’Épinal and l’École supérieure d’art de Metz Métropole in January 2011. In 2014, l'EPCC ÉSAL joined Lorraine's Centre de formation des enseignants en danse et en musique also called CEFEDEM (Dance and music training Center for teachers).

The Metz section of l'ÉSAL features workshops, laboratories and research centers on the subject of interactivity, spatialization, photography and video. The higher art education school awards national academic degrees in Design of expression, Art and Communication.