École Supérieure d'Art et de Design de Reims

March 16 > 31 | VIDEO EXHIBITION
GALERIE DOLET / CROUS • 25 rue Etienne Dolet
Opening: from monday to friday 8 AM > 4 PM
Preview: thursday, March 15 at 6 PM

Free access

This selection is the result of the project "Filmer le travail" (To film work) made in collaboration with three companies located in Reims. These videos have been produced by 2nd and 3rd years art students as part of their video art courses. The selected videos do not belong to typical movie categories such as fiction or documentary movies. Indeed, they are better described as being poetic, plastic and video works of art. This educational project has been coordinated by Gérard Cairaschi, a plastic artist in charge of video education at the ESAD.

Aseptic Pink, 2017, 16/9 HD, 3’25 - Adrien Beghin
Sans titre ajouté, 2017, 16/9 HD, 1’ - Elsa Belbacha-Lardy
X 91420181 (intra), 2017, 16/9 (1280x720), 5’56 - Hoang Nguyen
La Lichon, 2017, 16/9 (1280x720), 2’33 - Anaïs Arragon & Lauriane Pennacchioni
Trace, 2017, 16/9 HD, 3’06 - Amélie Dupré et Thibault Juvenielle

L’École Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Reims, although being one of France's oldest Fine-Arts school, is well implanted into the 21 century. Renowned for the excellence of its schooling, whether it be in the field of art or of design, the school improves day by day its educational method which is bolstered by the involvement of professionals and opened to european exchanges and to cultural globalization.

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