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Co-production: Esmeralda da Costa / VIDEOFORMES, 2018.
Installation of 4 screens representing the body of a woman fragmented into 4 parts.

Installation of four screens representing a female body split into four parts. Superimposed on each other, it reconstructs a complete body. On the first one, a mouth repeating the phrase "I’m mad at you." On the second, a belly and worried hands sometimes making a fist, while on the third, a pelvis simulates a sexual act. On the fourth, feet are moving in place. Everything is filmed in slow motion.

The body is that of the artist. Through repeated gestures until exhaustion, the body contracts around one and the same sentence: "I’m mad at you".

This installation echoes an internal and psychic fragmentation that resists pain. It works like a mise en abyme of the current and contemporary society, stifled by too many images, made up of fragmented individuals able to open several browser windows simultaneously, able to receive a multitude of connected information, being both involved in physical life and leading a virtual life just as intense etc... Here true and false coalesce. Everywhere private and public mix.

The title, #Immadatyou like the hashtags added to a social media post, reflects this new way of bringing thousands of people together behind a notion, a word, or a very intimate statement.

2018, video installation

Esmeralda Da Costa

Born in 1982 in Paris, Esmeralda Da Costa lives and works in Paris, France.
She studied at Villa Arson in Nice and graduated cum laude in 2011. Her visual research focuses on sound pieces and videos that combine real recordings, improvisation and storytelling.

In her works, Esmeralda Da Costa depicts characters performing certain actions and sometimes she portrays herself : using her former boxing career (she was a boxer at a high-level for 12 years) she creates a character that wanders, splits himself in two or more, becomes agitated and finally collapses. She immerses her characters in visual places that are both common and symbolic, but also in an audible landscape. The sound submerges the image, and calls to our memories, and amplifying the visual perception. She also designs video installations and live sound performances.

Her work was the object of numerous official selections (Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques, Marseille, 2017 - Festival Video Art - Bibliotheca Art Center of Alexandrie, Egypte, 2017 - FIAV - International Festival of Video Art of Casablanca, 23rd edition, Maroc, 2017 - Official selection, 2nd Price, Competition Imaginex, Limoges, 2016 - Official selection of Arte Video Night #7 in la Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, 2015, …) And also was selected for personal or collective exhibitions (A Mãe Terra / La TerreMère, Centro Cultural Adriano Moreira, Bragança, Portugal, 2017 - La femme à la bûche, Under Construction Gallery, Paris, 2017 - Match, Incognito artclub 24/24h, Paris , 2015 - Octobre Numérique, Espace Van Gogh, Arles, 2014 - Un festival c’est trop court, MAMAC, Nice, 2014 - Victor Erice / Abbas Kiarostami, Correspondances, Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2012, ...).