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Over The Real

Over The Real - Videoart International Festival - was born in 2015 by an idea of Maurizio Marco Tozzi e Lino Strangis. Over The Real presents the most significant lines of research emerged in recent years in the international audiovisual arts. Every year the works are selected by an important curators network: Veronica D'Auria (C.A.R.M.A. - Rome), Alessandra Arnò (Visual Container – Milan), Adonay Bermudez (Spain), Gabriel V. Soucheyre (Videoformes – France). Over The Real shows up at “Lorenzo Viani” Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of Viareggio (Italy). The Festival presents also installations, multimedia performances, workshops, and talks by the presence of important artists and media art experts.


Maurizio Marco Tozzi

Maurizio Marco Tozzi is a curator of contemporary art. He has focused his research on the audiovisual language and the relationship between creativity and new technologies. He has a degree in Cinema and Image Electronics from the University of Pisa (Italy), and a Master in Net Art and Digital Cultures from the Fine Art Academy of Carrara (Italy). He is the founder and director of Over The Real - International Festival of Video Art (GAMC Lorenzo Viani - Viareggio), and he has curated exhibitions in galleries and museums. He regularly takes part in lectures and talks about contemporary art. His last essays are: Gianni Melotti, art/tapes/22 video tape production (Giunti publisher, 2017), The Italian Video Art (Danilo Montanari publisher, 2016), and Seamless Interaction with Works of Art published in Media Art Towards a New Definition of Arts in the Age of Technology (Gli Ori publisher, 2015).


The selection curated by Maurizio Marco Tozzi presents some of the most interesting authors who participated in the last three editions of Over The Real. Artists who contribute to the evolution of the aesthetic and semantic abilities of the different video art languages. The works illustrate carefully a world full of solitude, violence and unbalanced economics and also call on the public to research inside itself a new consciousness and equilibrium, overcoming the thresholds of perceptions and space-time dimension. Something really deep seems to be happening in the weak darkness of the human condition, and sometimes a small breath can change things.

Angelica Bergamini (Italy/USA) – Untitled – 2016 – 2:22
Interested in what is beyond the conscious mind, Untitled represents my attempt to get a glimpse of the unconscious.
“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
- C.G. Jung

Alberta Pellacani (Italy) – Walk on water – 2016 – 3:22
Stains like green clouds in the horizon of the visual plane bow and move away like actors on the scene. The flow of palimpsests and natural traces of the territory, on the border with nature and civilization, melt in fragments as to the indefinite fragility of men. The video is a phenomenological research on the immediate essence of the image.A method of inquiry like freedom and openness to the understanding of others' will. The video is a visual examination practice that looks at the understanding of others’ will, full nature palimpsests and built sites, in constant dystonia/harmony.

Sofia Bersanelli (Italy) – Spiraea – 2017 – 8:49
The Spiraea plant has its roots in the south-eastern of Asia. In the common language it’s also called “The fields’ queen”. Throught a visual itinerary, aimed at eviscerate the appearences of nature, this work shows the passages of a growing awareness by means of a joiful and poetic soliloquy. Something really deep seems to happen into the thick darkness of human condition.

Antonello Matarazzo (Italy) – Pneuma – 2015 – 2:33
Similarly Karma 1, presented at the 54° Venice Biennale, Pneuma (breath) analyzes the threshold between immobility and transformation, highlighting the slow mutation of an ancient olive tree, represented in the detail of the trunk as opposed to analog face an old farmer. The variety of forms of the bark of the olive is, perhaps more than any other plant species, a tree that is an almost instinctive anthropomorphic equivalence, in the face of a wrinkled old farmer. The morphing of the face and the winding wooden formations are a metaphor for the constant sacrifice that the two forms of life (man-tree) make during their lifetime. Organic forms of powerful symbolic value, absorbed into the relentless cycle of nature, where everything changes and nothing is destroyed.

Isabel Perez De Pulgar (Spain/France) – Helix Aspersa – 2016 – 6:04
"Time is the form of intuition of ourselves and of our inner state. Time cannot be a determination of external phenomena, belongs neither to figure nor the situation, but determines the relation of representations in our internal states. As this inner intuition does not have any figure, we try to close this gap by analogy and we represent the succession of time with a line infinitely extendable."

Eleonora Manca (Italy) – Provvisorio/Interim – 2017 – 2:36
Even in this moment we have on a second skin, which is both a support and a place, and cocoon us into something we will never part with. Something that seems temporary, but in fact re-modulates each memory and each instant. Words, the act of walking, weaving, entwining memories. Everything is provisional and listening to the echo running through ourselves. The blurriness of the past, present, and future does not have any solution of continuity anymore. Investigating the temporary traces of a metemorphosis is a pretext to investigate the misunderstandings and contradictions of memory itself.

Ubermorgen (AT/CH/USA) - Red Coin (Chinese Blood) – 2015 – 9:50
Red Coin mining has recently made the People's Republic of China the world's largest Bitcoin producer. Mining requires exertion and it slowly makes new currency available at a rate that resembles the rate at which commodities like gold, copper, diamonds, nickel, rare earth, silver, uranium and zinc are mined from the ground. One of the reasons for the fast growth is the buildout of hydropower in the west of the country. The first petahash mining farms were built in Shanxi and Inner Mongolia where coal was cheap and plentiful, but cheap coal can’t compete with free water and now the farms are migrating en masse towards the west.

Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) – 370 New World – 2015 – 5:08
370 New World is a work on the new solitude created by the economic and social crisis which crossed the whole Europe in the last ten years. The human isolation which is displayed to the spectator is, by now, part of the everyday life of many people. compulsively so that the individual finally lives emotionally detached from everyday life. By indulging into the screen’s light, we are released from the real problems of life and of living together. The work closes on a man who stubbornly seeds the asphalt. That peasant, with that peculiar gesture, strongly asserts his will to get back a certain concreteness, in the name of his link with the mother earth. Twisted, dried up, deprived of meaning, the earth is always there to prove our original essence of social and natural animals. The act of seeding becomes thus a fight against the asphalt which covers the square dominated by the monolith of an abandoned mill, which becomes the symbol of the industrial and economic decay. We do not know wether the peasant will win that unequal fight. But we do know that his battle is the only ethic choice possible.

Jing Wang and Harvey Goldman (China/USA) – Sky Pacers – 2016 – 8:10
When the serenity of the great void and the fury of the cosmos intersect, when quantum mechanics and relativity come face to face, tiptoe and waddle, skitter and scuttle, whirl and whisk, behold: The Prophecy of the Sky Pacers is now! There is no escaping our cosmic destiny. The “visual music” collaborations of Jing Wang and Harvey Goldman attempt to produce a synesthesia like experience. The audience is encouraged to “see” the music and “hear” the visuals. The imagery and audio components are constructed without hierarchy, a true melding of sound and image.
Inspiration from the Ancient Chinese poem “Song of the Star Pacers” and the following quotes: “Let earth unbalanced from her orbit fly,Planets and suns run lawless through the sky.” from Essays on Man by Alexander Pope
“When the stars threw down their spear and watered heaven with their tears.” from The Tyger by William Blake

Ivan Gasbarrini (Italy) – 0 and 1 – 2015 – 7:33
High and low, warm and cold, past and future, matter and antimatter, Yin and Yang. The eternal dialectics of opposites that is constantly resolved in unity, at the point of equilibrium that create the harmony of things and the repetition of forms. A reflection on the origin and limits of representation, where the ancient symbology of opposites is translated into the modern 0 and 1 of the binary system, digital atoms that find their synthesis in the work.

Lino Strangis (Italy) – Running in sub-atomic meditation – 2017 – 4:06
A race of a virtual body in a meditation that can penetrate the subatomic reality, the enormous mass of existing which constitutes the whole structure, and we humans can not perceive. This is literally an attempt to visualize the possibility of crossing the thresholds of perceptions and space-time dimensions, going beyond, physically pushing into the unpolluted territory and displaying "from within" what scientists try to understand by using today's accelerators of particles.

Igor Imhoff (Italy) – Kurgan – 2013 – 5:04
The meaning of kurgan is grave. In fact, here reigns feeling like a gravestone in a Scene deliberately hyper-realistic, made with a technique in 3D. In this context materialize the characters, ghosts, or rather of simulacra, who immediately opposed in a fight to the last 'particle.

Carmelo Brustia (Italy) – Born – 2016 – 6:43
From birth to death, here first of all, the sound is born. This whisper plasms the human materia, from one body to its moltiplications in movement.
From the shape of the natural elements that become sculptural dresses to experiment and fuse them.
From the unawareness through life in a body as material experience, to a new consciousness.