Friday, March 16 | 8.45 PM
Espace municipal Georges-Conchon | Rue Léo-Lagrange

Entrance: 10€
Cité Jeune: 6€

Ticket sale at venue only


Centaure is a live audio & video performance by Franck Vigroux (music) & Kurt d'Haeseleer (video).

Centaure is a postdigital road trip to a dystopic future. It’s a virtual 'safari’ to a world populated by cloned creatures and mutations of species that seem to have been artificially rebuilt from contaminated DNA.
Man has disappeared, absorbed by technology, which has become anthropomorphic. Everything breathes, smells, rot, transforms ... The grass, the trees, the water, the clouds, everything is contaminated with a barely visible, but omnipresent technology.
Human flesh has exploded and has morphed with machines to give birth to a perverted new nature.

Création 2015.
Franck Vigroux : live electronics.
Kurt d'Haeseleer : live vidéo.


Franck Vigroux & Kurt d'Haeseleer

Franck Vigroux ‘s music is comprised of tectonic tension, beats and electronic textures while applying his own calculated personal signature in his continuance of sonic exploration.
He performs and records consistently and has collaborated with many musicians such as Mika Vainio, Reinhold Friedl, Elliott Sharp, Joey Baron, Zeena Parkins, and Ars nova ensemble instrumental.
Vigroux’s distinctiveness is distinguished not only by his unique approach to sound but also by the fact that he incorporates new media and performing arts into his works.
Vigroux conducts and designs trans-disciplinary audiovisual performances alongside visual artists, regularly working with the likes of Antoine Schmitt and Kurt d’Haeseleer.
Vigroux’s records have been published on various labels including DAC Records, Leaf, Cosmo Rhythmatic, Monotype, Radio France and now Erototox Decodings. He currently resides in France.
© Photo : Jérome Sevrette


D’ Haeseleer’s work focuses on the visualisation of the dynamic of information. He translates the all-encompassing presence of media into meta-images. Media presence is symbolized through layers of sticky pixel-textures, noise and interactivity. Special effects play an important role in his work that can best be described as a ‘pixel drama’ or ‘pixel soap’ and which can be found in the border zone between painting, video clips, cinema and performance. In his work the special effect is the message.

D’ Haeseleer is well known for his extreme video manipulations. He manipulates images by forcing them to react to the parameters of other images. With this approach, he can only partly foresee how the image will appear. The result is a process that strongly ressembles developing analogue photographs, where it is always a surprise to see the result, or even alchemy, but that is in fact entirely digital.