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French Kiss

French Kiss is an interactive fiction that immerses the spectator into the world of the café of a theater before a show is due to begin. We find ourselves in the role of an observer amidst the lives of the café’s other customers with whom we are about to share a moment of their private lives.


It’s a film with several different narratives, interpreted by professional actors, and which reaches outside the traditional limits of cinematography through the innovation of virtual reality.

A door opens in front of you, revealing the cozy café of a Parisian theater.

Quite soon you find yourself sitting at a table, waiting for the show to start. You glance around the room and at the people seated at the other tables.

You catch snippets of conversation amidst the other ambient sounds of the space: music, clanking silverware, voices... You focus on the people sitting nearby you. Who are they? What are they talking about? Are they brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues or lovers?

Get a little closer and slip into their intimate, personal stories. You fix your gaze on one of the tables which transports you face to face with the people sitting there. You can now hear exactly what they are saying.

You watch and listen. You discover a part of their story, a secret glimpse into their private lives. You’re free to go to the table of your choice and in whatever order you like. You can go to all of them or stop when you wish.

All the scenes have one thing in common : they finish with a kiss.

Interactive 360° Film by SOVR (Nicolas Beucher, Gwenaëlle Clauwaert, Sigrid Coggins, Jean-Marc Moro, Christophe Serret, Pascal Tirilly).

2 moro productions ; ten2ten films ; nexus forward.

Directed by Pascal Tirilly.
Written by Nicolas Beucher.

With: Emilie Piponnier, Etienne Guillou-Kervern, Xavier Lacaille, Anaïs Parello, Wilfried Capet, Julie Kalya, James Gérard, Benjamin Lhommas, Noman Hosni, Aleksandra Yermak, Sylvain Levitte, Jasmine Boutant.

Casting director and coach: Elise Mcleod; Lighting director: Pascal Sentenac; 360° Supervisor: Olivier Georges; Sound supervisor: Vincent Magnier; Set Designer: Sébastien Danos; Costume Designer: Morgane Lambert; Unit Developers: Massimiliano Minimale, Christophe Serret; Music composer: Laurent Aknin.

Executive producers: Jean-Marc Moro, Gwenaëlle Clauwaert, Thomas Levassor, Olivier Piasentin, Sylvain Goldberg, Yves Chevalier.