Thursday, March 15 | 11 am
Espace municipal Georges-Conchon

Les Traversants / Nicolas Clauss / France / 2017 / 7'41
The eye of the camera traverses the looks of the seafarers, silent to the end, looks of a steely blue or marble brown, distant forests, that tell no stories: the camera traverses these eyes that are drowning in the thought of a wordless infinitude.

Ici l'oasis / Egle Vismante / Lituanie / 2017 / 1'35
A strange apparition - a bovine vanité - is revealing itself before the eyes of its sole observers - a couple of cows in a lone oasis.

Area 51, Nevada, USA / Annabelle Amoros / France / 2017 / 15'
A black spot appears on the Nevada desert - a military base covering up secret activity. Local residents find themselves wandering through the unthinkable.

Kinski Wanted Herzog to Direct but he Turned it down / Guillaume Vallée / Canada / 2017 / 6'15
Echo of Klaus Kinski’s broken dream, in the face of Werner Herzog’s multiple rejections to direct his script on the mad violonist Paganini. A psychedelic trance capturing the visions of a madman; traces of a film that could have existed

We love me / Naween Noppakun / Thaïlande / 2017 / 13'13
A journey to explore the mysterious relationship of the terms “We” and “Me” in Thailand, from past to present.