Thursday, March 15 | 2 pm
Espace municipal Georges-Conchon

Via / Maria Ferreira / USA / 2017 / 6'24
Roads, Rivers, Cities. Arteries, Veins, Neurons.

Avant que j'oublie / Gaëtan Trovato / France / 2016 / 5'55
Behna Films Selections Company was one of the biggest actors in the Egyptian film scene between the 1930s and 1950s. The film is a stroll through this space in which figures extracted from the films produced by society come to move and confront reality.

The Solution / Julien Barthelemy & Yannick Dangin-Leconte / France / 2017 / 4'06
You know the CROU is the solution, it's not your imagination You don't know what you're feeling when the shit is on your mind

Marc Davi / Carlos Magno Rodrigues / Brésil / 2017 / 6'01
Transfiguration of mythical Christian and guerrilla figures dance intertwined with verses from "Just Like Heaven" (The Cure) and "Hail Mary" in sequence numbered scenes.

Blue Forez / Jean-Paul Devin-Roux / France / 2017 / 8'50
"Here ... The forest constitutes the "chorè" in the sense of this word in choreography: The envelope, the matrix, the space of movement in which the body moves. The forest excites other senses than the gaze, it gives to Live the Landscape."

Scopique / Alexa-Jeanne Dubé / Canada / 2017 / 12'06
Scopique is a triptych of erotic art videos uniquely filmed with a drone. The project unfolds through a succession of long takes where we become deeply submerged into the intimacy of two people.