Thursday, March 15 | 4 pm
Espace municipal Georges-Conchon

Alrasheed Street / Ameer Albassri / Irak / 2017 / 4'25
Rasheed street as a geographic and trendy witness on methods of violence that the Iraqi Baghdadi society has done against women who was considered one of the most important bright images of human civilization in Iraq.

Fausse route / François Vogel / France / 2017 / 5'
A man on the side of a road declares he wants to take a "break" from civilization. He then slides among the cars and finally finds himself in the open sea.

HER RED 그녀의 빨간색 / Rafael / Espagne/Corée / 2017 / 6'
"According to reports, South Korean soldiers shot and killed a South Korean man who was trying to cross a river into North Korea."

Sea, Sex, Sun & Syriza / Zak Spor / France / 2016 / 4'55
The ultimate Greek experience ! The passionnate and extreme love story of Lil'Alex and the greek folk. Fun, Beauty, Seduction, Hope, Sentiments, boldness, Courage, Erotism, Sex, Sweat, Treason, Bestiality, Violence, Crisis, Growth...

Cosmorama / Hugo Deverchère / France / 2017 / 23’16
Cosmorama observes the world as it does not appear. The film uses a near-infrared imagery process with which astronomers usually observe the deep reaches of the universe.