Friday, March 16 | 11 am
Espace municipal Georges-Conchon

1960::Movie::Still / Stuart Pound / Angleterre / 2016 / 2'11
This video contrasts the moving and the still image. A sequence was taken from the iconic film L'Avventura made in 1960 by Antonioni with Monica Vitti . The soundtrack is a train trundling at night through the Carpathian mountains toward Bucharest.

Elle et la poule / Kika Nicolela / Brésil / 2017 / 4'20
She has a story to tell, with the chicken as a witness. Using black humor, an in-depth monologue and inappropriate women clichés, ELLE ET LA POULE are deeply involved in difficult issues such as sexual abuse and violence against women.

Amnesia / Gala Shiyan / Russie / 2016 / 1'
Two words about modern poetry. The young poet for the first time at a poetry evening he decided to present his work to colleagues court. On stage, the poet excitement forgets the text of his poem.

Ad Infinitum / Lydie Jean-Dit-Pannel / France / 2017 / 35'01
France is the most nuclearized country in the world. She took the road alone one early morning in September 2015. Ad Infinitum. 6 months, 10,141 kilometers, 37 nuclear sites.