Friday, March 16 | 2 pm
Espace municipal Georges-Conchon

Orogenesis / Boris Labbé / France / 2016 / 7'52
A trip towards abstraction, as an hypothesis on how mountains might have been formed.

Elastic Recurrence / Johan Rijpma / Pays-Bas / 2017 / 2'
From all directions gravity pulls on the shards of a breaking dinner plate. While the pieces of the plate expand into space, elastic strings try to pull them back together. Even though the expansion appears to be never ending, the new connections see.

Dead Reckoning / Paul Wenninger / Autriche / 2017 / 2'47
"Dead Reckoning” is a ride around Vienna’s Ringstrasse boulevard to go into the city. Death is always there. The film follows the cycle of life, the rhythm of the city. The film cobines drawing and pixilation (stop-motion).

Du côté de la réalité immédiate / Pierre Villemin / France / 2017 / 30'
Extracts of texts, conferences, interviews, speech... this movie "fit of bad temper" expresses a certain form of our society became complex, between false technological progress, to propaganda, to addiction, to marketing and to a surge...