Friday, March 16 | 3 pm
Espace municipal Georges-Conchon

Sans toi(t) / Franck Oddoz-Mazet / France / 2016 / 10'
Portraits of homeless people.

G / Thiago Sacramento / Brésil / 2017 / 5'58
G is the symbol which, in physics, represents the acceleration of gravity. In G video, the experience of weightlessness is presented through decelerated bodies that float and interact through attraction, dispersion & other connections.

Suburbia #firing / Pierre Laurent / France / 2016 / 1'58
We will talk here about things of no importance : From everyday life architecture...

Stations / Pierre Jean Giloux / France / 2017 / 15'22
Stations is a real and fictional journey that takes place in the Kansai region of Japan. It begins in Osaka, the city of the famous Expo 70. The virtual recreation of a part of the Expo reveals architectures worthy of science fiction : a utopia ?

(No) We, I, Myself and Them? / Christin Bolewski / Alemagne / 2017 / 8'55
(No) We, I, Myself and Them? is a digital video scroll – an intercultural remediation, genre mix and remake of an ancient Chinese hand scroll of a cityscape and poses questions about the relationship between the individual and society.