Friday, March 16 | 4 pm
Espace municipal Georges-Conchon

Ils arrivent pendant l'été / Arthur Blaquart / France / 2017 / 3'36
A suburb area and the unmanned spacecrafts that seems to populate it during summer.

Liquid Portrait fbarchive19012016 / Lilly Lulay / Allemagne / 2016 / 13'46
The source material for Liquid Portrait fbarchive19012016 is one friends Facebook account. The video is a collage set in motion. It presents the cut out backgrounds of all images used to describe the users virtual identity.

Shapeshifter / Max Hattler / Allemagne / 2016 / 0'30
Shapeshifter explores video glitches induced by digital signal processing compression artefacts, which have given rise to a whole genre of YouTube videos dedicated to exposing shapeshifting reptilians hiding behind the surface of the video screen.

,,Asb´´اسب / Faezeh Nikoozad / Iran / 2017 / 7'53
A woman stands at a window, looking outside. We see a young girl running, holding a veil held above her head.She is the daughter, a witness to her father’s disappearance and her mother’s waiting. Her reaction is run away like wild horses...

Slump / Simon Elmaleh / Canada / 2017 / 4'14
Created from altered 8mm Swedish porn films, Slump suggests by its acid-faded colors, the frenzy of erotic games.

Welcome to my room / Marilou Poncin / France / 2017 / 12'43
Welcome to my room is an invitation in the world of caming and virtual fantasies . You will find: two girls, two rooms, two atmospheres and two points of view on this practice of sexuality online.