SEX 3.0. Voulez-vous coucher avec my AI tonight?
From fantasy to reality.
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Sexbot, sexting, sexts, long distance sex, second life virtual sex, electronic sex toys… Desiring or even desirable machines…
In an era of artificial intelligence, social networks, and social robots, is sexuality mutating, evolving, or even revolutionizing itself?
Between elements of cold science-fiction and strong erotic potential, the automaton is often adorned with multiple fantasies. Dominating, dominated, the game also continues on between man and machine.
Series like Real Humans or Westworld question the place of humanoids and our (good or very bad) way of dealing with otherness.


2018 is once again the revival of AI. The AI market is expected to grow from 8 billion euros in 2016 to more than 47 billion euros by 2020. It still remains to be confirmed, but maybe not for long.
And a cohabitation that generates more and more complex relationships and contrasting emotions, love/hate.
In the area of sex, sex dolls and AI will soon be flourishing. The robot, like the human being, will then be able to imitate perfectly! It’s great! That's exactly what we ask of him.
For your information: "The rules of social interaction are the same between mankind amongst themselves and mankind through the media," says the professor of AI of the Sorbonne University Mr. Jean-Gabriel Ganascia. But what about when the media is a duplicate of oneself and the subject is sex?
Prostitution, STD, sexual deviance... Will technology abolish what morality cannot?
The magazine Le Point was not wrong: “do you want to sleep with my AI?” is THE question in 2018.
Media, media arts, art... VIDEOFORMES continues its reflection on human-machine interactions and dives down into the most intimate of places...


Associate Professor of Information and Communication Sciences. Communication and societies laboratory. Clermont-Auvergne University.

Teaching and Research Assistant / Clermont Auvergne University Member of the Social and Cognitive Psychology Laboratory.

Artist studying new media, NøøNarrator cyberpunk, NøøNaut and long-distance explorer of the cyber space and of the Nøørealm.


Doctor of art history, thesis on art and artificial intelligence, artificial life and robotics ( L'Art évolutif et compartmental, Paris X, 2007). Associate member of the Communication and Solidarity laboratory - Clermont-Auvergne university - and of the ISCC Auvergne. Creator and host with Sandrine Planchon of the Radio Campus broadcast CONTEMPORALIIS.